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We are in this together

Accepting new clients.


Hi!  Let me take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Deanna Barrie (she/her/hers) and I am the owner of Life by Design Psychology.  I am so glad you found your way to me. Before we get started there are some things I would like you to know about me.  First, I am a Registered Psychologist (4623) in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists.  I hold a Master of Counselling degree, in Counselling Psychology, and I am member of the Psychological Association of Alberta.  I offer people, just like you, a wide range of counselling and psychological services to help guide them through life’s challenges and most trying times.  Life can get difficult, trust me I know!  What I also know is that sometimes a little help from a professional can make things a bit better.  

I believe that you have the insight and ability to create a life you love.  Don't get me wrong, I recognize that life does a really good job of throwing obsticales in our way, but I also bear witness to the fact that you've found your way through the tough stuff before.  It is my belief that people have an intrinsic motivation to live their best lives and to strive to be their best selves.  However, I also appreciate that sometimes we forget how to get there.  Here's were I come in... Sometimes all that  we need is someone to be there with us, to hold space for us, and encourage us as we find our way back. And perhaps my offering of support, guidance, my training, and my use of empirically supported techniques can help you to learn how to tackle even the most traumatic circumstances.  

If you haven't found what you need here, or you have questions about counselling or my services please give me a shout.  I would be happy to chat with you, and if I don't have what your looking for I would happily like to connect you with someone who does.

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the fist step."

- Martin Luther King Jr. 

Calm Sea


Comfort and Companionship




Tink loves to spend her days at the office greeting and comforting clients.  She is soft and gentle by nature, but admits she is sometimes guilty of taking a nap in session.  She enjoys pets if it is helpful to you, but is also happy to give you extra space if that is what you need.  Although Tink takes her companion role very seriously and likes to be of service, she also knows she is not for everyone.  If you aren't keen on her joining your session be sure to to let Deanna know beforehand so she can ensure Tink is properly cared for.



Therapy Dog
in training

Maybelle is still a puppy, but she is working really hard at becoming a perfect therapy dog.  She understands she has some pretty big paws to fill, and she is up to the challenge.  Maybelle brings an easy going manner, humour, and joy to our sessions. She is quirky and sweet, and a comfort to be around.  Though she is not always in the office, if she finds her way on site for your session she would love your attention and patience as she finds her way.

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